zaterdag 10 april 2010

New Finds

Excuse me for the ugly pictures, should have hung the clothes though, stupid. Anyway. The trousers are in really life more skinny at the bottom than they look at the photo. Besides the prices of these are far more interesting; was 219 euros, now 45 euros! Absolutely fabulous if I may say so! The pants are from a brand called Patrizia Pepe. I was in love with the pants from the first moment I saw them. I can't really explain how the front is made, it's quite complicated but there are a few layers, tighted togetter with buttons. Maybe you can imagine. The fabric is also very comfortable, it's like thick fabric but yet elegant. It feels like the fabric they use for joggers, but it in real life looks like it isn't haha!
The two leggings are also quite comfy, they are from H&M and were 14,95 a piece. Will wear these beauties in some outfits soon!

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