donderdag 29 april 2010

Today's Outfit + Store opening

My legs were so red after saving that I had to cover them a little by using the dodge tool :P (photoshop). really can't stand shaving but hairy legs is no option.

Don't you guys in Holland just love the current weather? I could go to school (half past 8) in shorts!!!! It was not cold at all. Here a few pictures. Next, I went to see the new Sting store in Eindhoven yesterday. I hate sting actually I think it's way too beachy if you now what I mean. Yug. Only costes sometimes has nice things. Anyway. For me the store design was all I wanted to see. It is amazing. Verrrrryyy high ceiling (I estimate about 20 meters!!!!) and very dark at the first floor, upstairs it was bright and huge. Like huge as AH XL for the Dutchies. Or like 4 times a H&M. The outside was also very pretty, hard to explain, there was the wall and the shop itself was further behind. I made some pics with my phone, unfourtunately they did not turn out that great, which I already expected 'cause camera of my phone sucks. Yet I couldn't make pics with my digital camera, not allowed. The interior with lights and everything made me think a little of Monkey! Enjoy!

Upstairs looking down

Downstairs looking up

Outfit; Shorts: H&M // Top (front short back long): Zara // Shoes: Zara // Sunnies: H&M // Bracelet: H&M

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  1. How do I get these pictures as a whole at the page? Now I have bigger ones but half of it falls of? :( anyone can help me?

  2. Als je je sjabloon verandert in een stretch sjabloon dan is je pagina wat wijder en worden de fotos niet meer maar half weergegeven dan hoef je niet steeds te verkleinen.. had ik vanmorgen ontdekt haha!