vrijdag 7 mei 2010

HUGE message with new finds!

I shopped my butt off! hahaha! Now I'm not allowed to shop anymore, as I have to save for the holidays (and summersale :P) hope I can do it! I know it's early but anybody know when Zara sale kicks in? I think it was in Holland last week of June right? And Belgium first of July? Anyway, enjoy my buys and let me know what you think.

Cat dress: Zara // Black legging(pants): Primark // Jeans blouse: Primark // Taupe legging(pants): Primark // Beige trousers: Zara // Cream pants: H&M // Black see through blouse: H&M // White see through blouse: H&M // half way see through top: H&M

PS why does uploading pictures and making them smaller at tinypic take forever? I've been waiting for 2 (!) hours for these to load. DAMN.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. cute kitty dress!

    lovely blog, I follow you! :) wanna follow me too?

  2. Leuke broeken! Ben benieuwd naar de aanfotos :D

  3. Uuuh, so many great findings - I luuuurve the cat dress, the denim shirt and the sheer ones aswell - can't wait to see ho you'll style them :-)

  4. Hihi die eerste heb ik ook en ik wil toch wel heel graag de doorzichtige blousjes:(
    Maaaaar om terug te komen op je vraag: de trui is van H&M trend. Ik heb er toen nog 40 euries voor betaald maar I think you are lucky als je hem ook wilt want hij is nu nog maar 15 euri op de h&m online shop.