maandag 7 juni 2010

New Finds

Hi there! I would love to share some new finds with you! I'm trying to cut down a bit on shopping, think it went okay. not great but okay. not bad either though! I bought a lot less than I used to. These are rescent buys, forgot a very cool mint sweater I found on a fleamarket I wrote about going to. Will show you guys that one later for sure!

Blouse: Primark. I actually want to make it like the one I adore at the right of my blog (you see a pic) with DIY. don't how that will turn out but this one was only 11 euros (that's about 14 US Dollars and 10 UK pounds) which is not too much if I ruin it, although that would still suck.

Skirt: Zara. I have to of this model already but they fit so nicely and since I don't have anything this shade of yellow (really babysoftish) I decided to buy it. Only 7.95 euros (that's about US 10 dollars and 7 UK pounds) not much either! Got it as a gift from my mom.

Dress: H&M Trend. This one was first 50 euros which I found a little too much for something I liked but not loved. Then, all of a sudden, I bumped into it again in Utrecht for only 19 euros (that's about 23 US dollars and 16 UK pounds)! So decision was made quickly: buy! It fits so nice! Really makes you look slim (doesn't seem logical; has no form in it, but you don't see any fat or irregularments (is that a word?) haha). feels like a blanket.

Shorts: Zara. Showed you this already. Got it from my mom when shopping. It fits really nice although now I'm loosing weight and the thing is being worn it's getting wider/bigger, I should have taken a size smaller. oh well. It was 19.95 euros (that's about 24 US Dollars and 17 UK Pounds)
In the end I spent 30 euros on this (as I got the shorts and the skirt as a gift from my mom). But for me it's more about the quantity (don't want to have too much, makes me happier to have less, how weird that may sound). Butttttt.... this also helps me saving. So works both ways. Happy.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the jean shirt and the shorts from Zara! They're such versatile pieces!! I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of them and they can be mixed and match with so many things! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Super toffe aankopen :D

    En nee ik heb de ringen nog niet, omdat
    het geld terug was gestort. Dit kwam omdat
    we het verkeerde rekening nummer hadden
    gebruikt haha. Toen moest het even
    overnieuw gedaan worden. Nu hopen dat ze
    binnenkort aankomen!

  3. Leuk, leuker, leukst haha! :D Echt toffe dingen.

  4. Ik vind het rokje en de short super leuk!

    Ik heb m'n blog op mijn eigen beeldscherm aangepast en ik heb gewoon een standaard laptop, tegenwoordig zijn ze meestal groter haha. Maar het kan dat het niet past als je een vrij klein beeldscherm hebt, kan niet overal rekening mee houden haha. ;)

  5. superleuke aankopen!
    nog bedankt voor je lieve comment en voor 't volgen! ik volg je ook!


  6. Bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog :)! Het is altijd leuk om reacties te krijgen. Jij hebt ook een mooie blog, en dat jurkje van de H&M ziet er ook super uit, erg speciaal, ben benieuwd om het eens te zien als je het aan hebt.

  7. Leuke aankopen die denim blouse wil ik ook haha

  8. trouwens je hebt je banner veranderd? ziet er mooi uit

  9. I adore the last pair of shorts! I love the idea of sweats being glammed up.

    Love Grace.

  10. i would love to shop at primark. we don't have one here in the US though. but, thank God we have h&m and zara. :D

  11. I have the same shorts from Zara, just mine are with flowers, really comfortable to wear :)