zaterdag 17 juli 2010

Today's Outfit

This is what I was wearing today, had and having a fun weekend! How about you? My ring pics are old, was lazy about that haha!

Wedges: Bershka // Skirt: H&M // Top: Zara // Rings: Ydeltuyt

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  1. thanks voor je reactie. Super ring (groene mineraal),super stijl!

  2. That top is perfect! *packing my stuff and heading to the nearest Zara*

    Yeah, sadly, there is no H&M in Lithuania. Or Estonia for that matter. Nor Topshop. Nor Primark. Nor many other awesome brands. Baltic clothing market is mostly dominated by Spanish brands like Mango, Zara, Bershka etc.
    It's wonderful that you're going to Estonia for holidays! How long are the holidays gonna be? And what cities are you going to visit?
    Well, since I haven't been to Estonia for 3 years, I am not sure how big of help I can be. But I can tell you about the brands that are sold both in Estonia and Lithuania. I tried to filter out all the brands that are available at Netherlands.
    So first of all, since you are visiting Estonia, you should visit Monton ( that is Estonian brand. They have both youth line and classic clothing line. It's a bit annoying that some of their collections have these bright colours (like super bright).
    I really like Polish brand Reserved ( though they might be a little too conservative sometimes.
    Italian brand Motivi ( is exclusively youth clothing and I realy love it.
    I am not sure if you have Promod ( which is French brand there in Netherlands cause it is all over Europe so if not, I should tell you I really love their basics (like basic tees). They also tend to have some very interesting pieces of clothing, but colourfulness annoys me a bit (so I am kinda dark colours fan :D).
    Finally, there is Finnish brand Seppala ( I like buying my PJs there or simple T-shirts, underwear because all that stuff is decirated with funny pictures and phrases. Always makes my mood. Clothing there is a bit odd but you always can find some good things too.
    I guess your best shot is to go to one big mall and find it all there. In Tallinn you can visit Rocca al Mare ( or Ulemiste ( or some other ones.
    Well, so that's it for now. If you have any questions or remarks you can always reach me on my blog or by email
    I hope that helps. And I will be travelling to Netherlands for a weekend break in September so expect me asking for some shopping tips there too.


  3. Die top is echt heel gaaf!! Je heels stan je ook erg goed, jaloersmakend zijn ze! Die ringen moet ik ook maar esn bestellen want ik kijk telkens op de site maar ik bestel niks!^^

  4. het blijft een mooie top, staat je ook erg goed weer!

  5. Hi sweetie,

    thanx for commenting!You have a wardrobe to drool over!!


  6. Aaaah ik ben echt jaloers op dat tshirt! Als je die ooit kwijt wil ;) haha

    De tas is van goede kwaliteit vind ik zelf, is mooi afgewerkt, geen losse stiksels etc, glimt ook niet. Aan de binnekant zitten nog 3 kleine vakjes, waarvan 1 met een ritsje en 2 kleinere die gewoon open zijn dus dat is ook altijd wel handig, dus ben er heel blij mee!

  7. very fun look, the shirt is really unique. I like it!

  8. The print on that top is great!

    Love Grace.

  9. Dat shirt is zoooo vet he!

  10. Alcione this outfit is so pretty and you look gorgeous of course :)

    Btw dear, I created a new blog cuz I will be deleting my old one, please follow me there if you can:

    Thank you,

  11. I love your shoes and your rings. So pretty!

  12. I love your shirt too much. Its aweome! + sorry for the very long wait :-( Thanks for your lovely comment!
    panda xx

  13. i adore your hoes, they are perfect on you

  14. i adore the galaxy tee!where did you buy it♥♥

  15. Zou je ooit van je top afwillen ;)