vrijdag 3 september 2010


I made a wishlist for fall/winter plus an attempt to not shop as much as I used to because of not having much money and not needing much stuff. Bought a cute hat yesterday at topshop and that kind of put a stop to myself, don't know why but that was just last I guess. hm. weird. and I bought some days ago one of the things of my wishlist already, which will stay a surprise, will show you that tomorrow but it is so pretttyyy

See my wishlist;
- Cardigan or sweater with elbowpads
- Winter coat in camel colour
- Ugg Bailey Button in sand (must have with a winter with temperatures of minus 16 degrees
- Shearling jacket (have that laying somewhere from 2 winters ago but have to look where it went :S)
- Brown corduroy pants (chiffon model and a short version in both different shades)
- Soft wool pants
- Vintage blazers in turqoise and brown.
- New necklace to go with Mi Moneda pendants.

Do you have a wishlist and if so, what is on it? Share please :)

This is the hat I bought; (imagine with straight long blond hair and red lipstick, OMG i love it haha, don't know about you :P)

7 opmerkingen:

  1. ik wil ook zo graag een shearling jacket en ook een pull met ellbowpads haha :-) en echt een leuk hoedje !!

  2. Mooi tulbandhoedje zeg, ben benieuwd hoe die je staat! Jammer dat ik je trouwens niet gezien heb @ monki!! x

  3. The hat looks echt super cool !

    Can't wait to see you wearing it :)

    Thomas from bruxxxel ;)

  4. Lekker vest zeg! En dat tulband-ding lijkt me superleuk! Ik ben vandaag naar de kapper geweest, heb weer een pony, en vind hoedje enzo me dan altijd veel leuker staan :p Dus ga weer flink op zoek!!

    En fijn dat je me nu wel kunt volgen trouwens, had even troubles blijkbaar :p


  5. Adore elbow patches.
    And where did you get the hat! I have been looking for a full turban!

    Love Grace.