donderdag 20 mei 2010

Today's Outfit + new buy

Ouch. I'm a sucker for not shopping. Sticked to it for about 2 weeks (with as an exception the white tee) today I couldn't resist sandals. damn. I'm from now on going to do it differently. Not no shopping but limited shopping. Only buying things I really really really like (and don't say thjat about everything) only buy things I have a lack of or things from a wishlist. Or even better: all these three combined!! Last see shall we?

Today quick outfit post. Gonna save my money for a new camera. Why keep my pics getting worse and worse! If I photograph something close, no problem, very pretty. If I photograph something further away, depends. If my mom takes pics (like now) they always suck. weird. anyway. Good recommendations for cameras? I'm looking for something in the digital SLR (single lence reflex camera / spiegelreflexcamera) range. What are cheap good cameras what you'd be positive about, you guys all have so pretty pictures! I think though a good SLR is not cheap :P

Top: H&M Garden // Shorts: H&M // Heels: Zara // Parrot earrings: H&M Trend

Enjoy outfit and new buy!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik heb een Canon EOS 450D voor ongeveer een jaar en hij bevalt me erggggg goed. Eigenlijk, extreem goed. Veel beter dan andere DSLR camera's waar ik mee gewerkt heb!
    En btw, de ring is van H&M Divided:) Hij was €5.

  2. dankjewel voor je reactie!
    leuke sandaaltjes =]
    nee, die foto van die kruizen is op een amerikaans kerkhof bij omaha beach genomen, waar de amerikanen aan land gekomen zijn op D-day.
    heftig om te zien moet ik zeggen...