woensdag 28 juli 2010

New Buys

Well this is going to be a lot; are you readdyyyyy? (I apoligise in advance for the crooked pics, everything looks weird when hanging to one side more than the other yet I was tired so couldn't care much sorry!)

This is a little more neutral and not so bright in real life; Monki

This is more nougat colour in real life and has cute fabric attached to the sleeves as you can see a bit on the right; Reserved

Black shirt with holes formed as triangles; monki

White blazer; Gina Tricot

Camel colour blouse; Gina Tricot

This is like get the picture: can you still see what it is? It is a cropped blazer from very soft fabric in a nude colour; Gina Tricot

Silky feeling nude top; Weekday

Green army cropped top; Gina Tricot

Egypt like top black/cream; Weekday

Maybe a bit ugly like this but LOVELY on-body; Selected Femme via Stockmann

Egypt like top in kind of terra cotta earth colour with black; Weekday

Skirt kind of terra cotta earth colour with black; Weekday

Beige shorts of very soft material; Gina Tricot

White jeans; Gina Tricot

May look ugly on pic but is lovely in real life and also fits great; Gina Tricot

Aztek like skirt; Gina Tricot

Black wedges which are most comfortable I ever had!!!; H&M (bought online not on holiday)

Bracelets; wishbone: Accesorize, hand of fatima: Accesorize, big rings bracelet; Gina Tricot

Cupido arrow ring; Accesorize, Angel wings ring; Gina Tricot

These boots (more darker brown and not shiny in real life) are awesome and so classy, got them thanks to Sophie who ordered them for me!!; Asos

And last but not least; most people looked either like my taste a lot; well dressed, pretty colours, pretty things or looked like this pic, alto/gothic/emo people can't seem to put it to right words so took a pic. sorry for the girls on the pic but just had to show you; I almost stumbled over them as they were everywhere, in my city you see like one a week. and I'm not living in a little village ;) edit: I have nothing against them though, just came to my mind that there are so many.

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  1. thx for following me and for your comment(:
    I think maybe because I'm from israel and we write everything upside down(stuiped, i know)
    I'm now following you!

  2. leuke spulletjes heb je gekocht.Vooral de accessoires! Vergeet my first give-away niet t/m 1 augustus

  3. Thank you Sweety for you awesome comment! It means a lot to me :)
    Lovely buys! I love so many things you got!


  4. wow, amazing buys. lovely blog!!!! xoxo Michaela


  5. wow all your purchases are fantastic! I especially adore the white blazer, the army green cropped top and the ASOS boots!
    Love these posts! :)

  6. waauw wat veel! mooie aankopen :)
    Ik vind vooral je witte blazer echt heeel erg mooi! was die duur als ik vragen mag? ;)

    ♥ agirlcandream-myrthe.blogspot.com ♥

  7. Zitten mooie items tussen meid!! Vooral je schoenen <3 <3 want them both :P

    Thanks voor je comment!! Mn banner is door een vriend van mij gemaakt, hij heeft een grafische design opleiding gedaan :) Leuk is ie hea, net 3d idd!

  8. Echt superleuke aankopen! Ik wil ook een Weekday & Gina Tricot in Nederland! Ben al blij dat Monki hier komt :D... en geen dank voor die ASOS laarsjes hoor :D ik ben benieuwd hoe je ze gaat combineren! x

  9. Zitten leuke dingen bij, vind vooral die 'army trui' leuk!

  10. Ahhh je hebt echt geweldig leuke dingen gekocht zeg! Vooral je blousjes, tops en je leren jasje! <333

    En die laatste schoenen wilde ik heel lang bestellen op asos, en toen ik eindelijk had besloten dat ik ze wilde kopen.. waren ze uitverkocht in mijn maat, haha. Boehoe :(