woensdag 28 juli 2010

Smile like you mean it...

Sorry for the lack of posts, but this had a reason; I was in Helsinki and Tallinn for the past few days. I did some SERIOUS shopping! Will show you that tomorrow as I feel like having a jetlag while that is impossible as the flight was short. Well that is; the way back. the way to my hotel was HORRIBLE thanks to KLM. I managed to have a journey of 12 hours from Amsterdam to Helsinki. Could have been in Los Angeles by the time I was in Helsinki. Flight overbooked, than flight much later, via Berlin, with both flights delays, omg. don't want to think back to it. Now, my holiday was not that awesome. expected more of both cities. Some things were for me quite conspicuously, I will manage them in a moment but first, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Russians ;) these are just things I saw A LOT! Will update my buys and answer questions and put comments tomorrow!

Did you know;

- Russians were everywhere :|

- They seemed to either be unable to smile or hate to smile.

- Always had a zillion cookies at the breakfast table together in a bowl which the didn't ate (they took like 1) and the rest got thrown away. same with bread, cheese, jam, butter, fruit and pretty much anything really.

- They always waited for other people to put their card in the elevator (you had to put in a card in the elevator to be able to push the buttons so non-guests couldn't go up)

- Gina Tricot is like a new addiction for me (as you can see in tomorrow's post)

- Everything is extremely expensive in Helsinki (much worse then London)

- Everything is SOOOO cheap in Tallinn :| except for anything Inditex (Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius etc.) that was much more expensive.

- I have this sick love for old sovjet buildings/remains and got to see Lasnamae (old part of Tallinn) and loved it!

- People in Helsinki can get icecream and around and about each 10 meters in the street.

- toys in Tallinn are so outdated. I saw many things (exact things) I used to play with when I was a kid (about 12 years ago) in Helsinki and most of western Europe they are long gone and replaced by much more modern things.

- I have had a lot of problems finding healthy food around town in Helsinki. Can't see fries and burgers anymore for most time coming

- lost about 30 euros due to stupid costs with changing money from EURO to EST Krooni and vice versa :(

- most Finnish people speak English so well!

- I'm trying to learn Russian, as well as Irish (Gealic) and it is HARD.

- I had a swing chair in my room which was awesome <3

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  1. this is such an interesting post! now i know a lot about helsinki and tallinn. :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. hallo mijn vriend! warme groet ^ ^!
    je blog ziet er leuk 0_0

    door de manier,
    als u unieke lettertype te vinden, kunt u naar onze website.

    Met vriendelijke groet;

  3. AAAAAAAWW,sounds fun- well at least some of it,weird stuff happened too,huh?!
    Hope all in all you had a great time, can't wait to see, what else you've been up to- and what did you shop? what,what,what?!
    /xxx Nete

  4. Hey A,
    how are you? I've been cut out from the internet for quite some time so only now I'm reading all about your adventures in Helsinki/Tallinn.
    I am so sorry about some negative things on your trip. Yeah, I totally agree about Russians being everywhere. And sadly they are indeed EVERYWHERE (including Barcelona or lets say Amsterdam). I guess Baltic countries have had the most "damage" as most of Russians living there got their citizenship and 20 years later still do not care enough to learn the national language. Ah well.
    Helsinki is indeed a very expensive city, as well as the entire Finland. And if you think Tallinn is so cheap, you should come to Vilnius, it's even cheaper :D
    I love your Gina Tricot things. It's a pity we don't have this brand here in Lithuania. Oh, and I have the exact same jacket you bought from Reserved, only in blue :D
    Best wishes ;)